Our Services

Customer Focused Government (CFG) exists to create and innovate a better Tennessee State Government. CFG offers a diverse collection of services and programs to help state agencies accomplish a variety of business goals and objectives in support of their mission and customers. CFG has the skills and experience necessary in strategy, enterprise operations, and project management to help agencies solve problems and improve operations.

Our team of consultants can assist your agency in three distinct areas: strategy development, business planning, and performance and assessment. Are you ready to create a better government?

The CFG Advantage

Why work with CFG? The CFG team knows the dynamic landscape of Tennessee State Government and has an in-depth understanding of the operations, structures, teams, and workstreams.

CFG began as the state's in-house, enterprise-experts focused on efficiency and effectiveness efforts. Our team has a wealth of experience in government operations, project management, strategic planning, and performance optimization. CFG uses creative consulting solutions and project management strategies to evaluate and lead efficiency and optimization efforts for Tennessee to serve its customers better and improve its operations. Additionally, CFG team members are all state employees, meaning your agency incurs no direct or "bill-back" of costs.