Frequently Asked Questions

Can “In-Kind” services or funds be used as match?
No, the match must be cash.

Can the project be completed using Force Account?
This will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If you are considering using Force Account, submit a request along with documentation of resources prior to the application deadline to

Is grant administration an eligible expense?
Yes. The total amount of grant administration costs cannot exceed 4% of the grant request.

Are application expenses eligible for reimbursement?
No, expenses incurred prior to the date of a contract with the State are not eligible for reimbursement. Do not sign a contract prior to the State contract date with a contractor, administrator, engineer or other entity or the expenses will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Can other entities besides a City, County or Industrial Development Board apply?
The economic development organization for the City or County may apply if they are able to receive and expend funds. If you have a question about a specific organization, email, and TNECD will help determine if they are eligible.

If a public entity has an option on the property, can they apply for a grant for the site?
No, the site must be publicly owned by the time of the grant deadline unless the grant request is to purchase the property or for due diligence studies.

Is a Virtual Site Plan an eligible activity?
Yes, virtual site planning is an eligible activity.