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Tech Goes Home – Tennessee

Tech Goes Home Tennessee provides free digital literacy trainings for early Child Care Agencies and Educators. Participants will receive trainings ranging from email navigation, presentation building to small business development and entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to purchase a subsidized device with a $50 co-pay. 

Nashville Public Library Courses

 Search for various courses such as basic computer skills or health information searching. Courses take 5-20 minutes to complete.

Tech Goes Home Chattanooga Modules

Tech Goes Home Chattanooga has compiled video tutorials and modules on a range of topics from social media guides to job search and employment resources.


 The Goodwill Community Foundation aims to help communities learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century by offering more than 200 topics, including more than 7,000 lessons, more than 1,000 videos, and more than 50 interactives and games, completely free.


Techboomers is a free educational website that teaches older adults and other inexperienced Internet users with basic computer skills about websites that can help improve their quality of life.

Excel Easy

Excel Easy offers free excel tutorials for anyone looking to develop skills with the program. Excel is a very valuable skill for anyone aspiring to work in an office setting.