HBCU Research and Reports

2022-2025 HBCU Success Strategic Plan

Other Data and Reports

Tennessee HBCU Student and Institutional Data

Data on academic and student affairs trends at Tennessee's HBCUs.

HBCU Participation in State Programs

Overview of State programs with current HBCU participation, and opportunities for growth.

2021 Report on Progress Towards Statutory Goals

An update on HBCU Success accomplishments and progress made towards acheiving statutory goals.


Annual Land Grant Funding Report

Annual report (now included in the Higher Education Fact Book) that details the amount of any federal appropriations made to, and the amount of any matching funds received by, each federal land-grant institution of higher education in Tennessee.

Title III Funding in Tennessee

Summary of the federal Higher Education Act, Title III Parts B and F, which provide funding unique to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

National HBCU Inventory

A sortable database with institutional data for all HBCUs reporting Title IV data to IPEDS as of 2020.