State Building Commission - Membership

Name Seat Email Address
Bill Lee
(SBC Chairman)
Randy McNally
Lieutenant Governor & Speaker of the Senate
Cameron Sexton
(SBC Vice-Chairman)
Speaker of the House
Tre Hargett
(SBC Secretary)
*Secretary of State
Jason Mumpower *Comptroller of the Treasury
David Lillard *State Treasurer
Jim Bryson *Commissioner - Finance & Administration

*Executive Subcommittee - Membership

Name Seat Email Address
Jim Bryson
(ESC Chairman)
Commissioner - Finance & Administration
Tre Hargett
(ESC Secretary)
Secretary of State
Jason Mumpower Comptroller of the Treasury
David Lillard State Treasurer


Name Title Office Email Address
Ann McGauran State Architect /
Chief Staff Officer to the SBC
Office of the State Architect
Chase Johnson Senior Legislative Advisor Speaker of the Senate
Tanner Poss Exec. Asst. to Research & Policy Speaker of the House
Chris Mustain Senior Policy Advisor Secretary of State
Rachelle Cabading Director / Office of Management Services Comptroller of the Treasury
Roy West Director of Legislative and Agency Affairs Treasury
Eugene Neubert Deputy Commissioner Finance & Administration
Chad Kimes Capital Budget Coordinator Finance & Administration
Drew Lewis Analyst Office of Legislative Budget Analysis