April 2015


The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit

Emma Thompson

A traveling fair has come to town, and Peter Rabbit and his cousin Benjamin are forbidden to attend. But the visitors at the fair were having too much fun to notice two little rabbits squeezing through a hole in the fence! With Benjamin rather reluctantly at his side, Peter Rabbit sneaks into the fair where a roller-coaster of an adventure begins...


  1. Did you know that Beatrix Potter fashioned her fictional character Peter Rabbit after her true life pet rabbit named Peter? Do you have any family pets? Choose a favorite pet or a favorite animal to write a story about. You can send them on an adventure to the fair or to your classroom at school. The sky is the limit when you are creating your own story!

  2. In the tales of Peter Rabbit, Peter finds mischief in all kinds of places. He even sneaks into a neighbor’s garden and eats vegetables until he is full with a stomachache. We are very excited for our garden at the Tennessee Residence to begin growing spring vegetables. We love promoting Tennessee agriculture and farm-to-table sustainability at our state’s executive residence. You and your family can try growing fruits and vegetables at home if you are not doing so already. Spring is a great time to start planting! This website features a guide to local produce and when you might be able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in Tennessee!

  3. The Peter Rabbit website is a great place to learn about all things Peter Rabbit. You can meet the characters, play games, and download coloring templates and activities around the book. Visit www.peterrabbit.com to begin your very own Peter Rabbit adventure!

  4. Once you have finished reading Emma Thompson’s The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit, visit your local public library to check out other great books in the Peter Rabbit series. Your local librarian can be a great resource for book recommendations!