April 2013


Rabbit Hill

By: Robert Lawson

It has been a while since Folks lived in the Big House, and an even longer time has passed since there has been a garden at the House. All the animals of the Hill are very excited about the new Folks moving in, and they wonder how things are going to change. It's only a matter of time before the animals of the Hill find out just who is moving in, and they may be a little bit surprised by their new neighbors when they come to know them!


  1. Tennessee is known for its beautiful landscape and agricultural traditions. In fact, did you know that we are starting to build a garden at the Tennessee Residence? Bill and I are excited to promote Tennessee agriculture and farm-to-table sustainability at our state's executive residence, and we hope that your family might try growing fruits and vegetables at home if you are not doing so already. Spring is a great time to start planting! This website features a guide to local produce and when you might be able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in Tennessee!

  2. Each year, the animals living on the Hill anticipate "dividing night," a meeting to fairly distribute the garden's fruits and vegetables among themselves. What made the animals decide to allocate the entire portion of the garden to the Folks? How did the animals and Folks come to live in great harmony together and do you anything can be learned from their example?

  3. The animals of the Hill are very excited to learn about the different types of fruits and vegetables the folks plan to grow in their garden including celery, rhubarb, potatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, raspberries, melons and asparagus. Many of these fruits and vegetables are grown in gardens and farms throughout the state and sold at local farmers' markets. You and your family can take a trip to your local farmers' market to find and learn more about Tennessee fruits and vegetables, flowers, and crafts.

  4. Once you have finished reading Robert Lawson's Rabbit Hill, you and your family can visit a library near you to check out more great books about spring. Your local librarian can be a great resource for book recommendations!