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About Grants

Grants…The main thing we can say here: There is a lot of misinformation!

When it comes to grants, while it is true that there are a number of federal grants available to assist small business, women-owned, minority-owned and/or veteran-owned businesses, very few of them actually go directly to the individual business owners. Most federal grants are awarded to nonprofits, governmental entities or educational institutions to provide services and/or loans to those types of businesses.

The state of Tennessee bases its incentives primarily on job creation and investment within qualified industry sectors. The company must also create jobs over a specific period of time and meet certain capital investment criteria. The incentives are provided to qualified companies in the form of tax credits and/or job training reimbursement programs. Most small businesses do not meet the requirements for these types of programs and turn to loans or self-financing as a more viable alternative for financing (see the TN the Smart Start Guide). 

For the most part, the grants that go to small business owners generally fall in three areas: value-added agriculture, technology development and commercialization, and vocational rehabilitation (self-employment match grants). 

If you want to search for grants for your business, be careful about the information you provide. To search for available grants go to, which is a federal database of grants, or go to Grants and Resources, a compilation of various grants and resources in Tennessee.

  • Your credit matters when it comes to financing your business. Be sure to know where you stand.

Credit - Free Annual Credit Report and Credit Repair Kit

Nonprofit assistance – Alliance for Better Nonprofits (East TN), CNM, the Center for Nonprofit Management (Middle TN) and Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence (West TN)

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