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Board for Licensing Contractors

In order to obtain a Contractor's license (required for projects $25,000 or more), the following is the "Application" and "Exam" information to download and print or you may call our office at 1-800-544-7693 and we will be happy to mail you an application package: 

The above items are needed to obtain a contractor's license. The forms listed below provide additional information to specific inquires. Many of these forms are included as part of the "Contractor's License Application" instructions section.

Supplemental Forms & Information

Deadline: Contractor's license applications must be received by the Board office prior to the deadline date which is the 20th of the month prior, to the Board meeting. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for mail delivery. More Board meeting information is available at the"Calendar" on the website.

Additional Licensing Resources

Types of Contractors (Prime, Subcontractors and Construction Managers)
See the "Contractor Classification Outline" to review all of the various types of contractors regulated. See also the "Contractor" section of the website.

NOTE: If you currently are licensed with a Tennessee Contractor's License and wish to make changes to your existing license, see the "Revision" information in "Section 3".

For more information relative to renewals, you may contact our office by email at:  -or-  Fax: (615) 532-2868 -or- Call our office at (615) 532-3985 or (615) 532-3994.



WARNING: A contractor does not have a grace period to continue to contract once the license expires. The law requires renewals to be submitted to the Board 30 days prior to the expiration date in order to prevent working on an expired license, which is considered a violation of law. Renewals submitted without all the required information to renew, cannot be issued and an extension to contract on an expired license cannot be granted. In addition, a license with a "Retired" status is not legal to operate and the same as "unlicensed".

Renewal Due Date: Contractor licenses are renewed biennially and issued for two (2) years. The expiration date is on the last date of the month, in which the license was originally issued. You may check your expiration date online at: License Search and Verification. Renewals should be submitted to the Board's office 30 days prior to the expiration date. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for mail delivery. A license cannot be renewed if has been expired for 12 months; must apply for a reinstatement utilizing the initial contractor's license application.

Renewal Process: Board office conducts an audit, which includes: 1) checking the financial statement to ensure the working capital and net worth supports the current monetary limit; 2) checking for proof of insurance and making sure coverage includes Tennessee; 3) Corporate status is confirmed; and 4) check to see that the "Contractor's Affidavit" was completed, signed and notarized. If submitting online, attesting does not require a notary.  Any renewal lacking information will be sent a letter notifying the contractor to respond within 30 days. For those not responding within 12 months of the expiration date, the renewal form is placed in archives for storage.  The Board office cannot fees in their office and must be provided to the Cashier.  Send all mail (including express and over-night) to: Department of Commerce and Insurance; 4th Floor Davy Crockett Tower, 500 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN 37243-1150.

Pending Renewals: Renewals received which lack the required financial supporting documentation, our staff will notify the contractor after the audit with options.  It is your responsibility to follow-up to ensure the renewal has been issued.  For more clarification to these options or access to the forms needed to complete the renewal, go to: "Renewal-Financial Options". In order for Contractors to retain renewal rights, they must respond in writing with the required information within 12 months of expiration date or place license in "Retirement".  Always allow 30 days for processing!

Save Time / Apply Online!

Currently, only the “Increase Monetary Limit” and “Transfer-Change Mode of Operation” applications are available online.  In order to apply online, you must first set up an account at You will need to have a “Indv/Org#” to create your account. To obtain your “Indv/Org#”, you may contact  Customer Service or 615-532-3985 (be sure to include your license number).

Click here to view a video demonstration on how to create an account.

LICENSE REVISION REQUESTS (Most Require Board Review - Deadline date to provide to the Board office is the last day of the month prior to the next Board meeting)

  1. Add Classification Request Form (Add classifications onto existing license)
  2. Mode of Operation Change - Transfer
  3. Name Change Application (Change name on license)
  4. Qualifying Agent (QA) Add / Change Request (Add or remove a Qualifying Agent)


Deadline Date for License Revision Requests:

Last day of the month prior to the next Board meeting (requests requiring Board approval). See "Public Meetings Calendar" for dates.

Board Approval required for the following revisions: Adding a Classification; Increase Monetary Limit; Name Change; and Mode of Operation Change (transfers). An interview is not required, unless, there are complaints or felony convictions.

These four (4) types of license revision requests must be approved by the Board at their regularly scheduled meetings. Staff must receive in the Board office prior to the deadline date (last day of the month prior to the Board meeting) in order to have in time to process (review, audit, copy for members, add to meeting books, etc.). Please allow 5 to 7 days for mail delivery when submitting prior to the deadline date. Those needing a license revised prior to the Board's next meeting may qualify as a "Hardship" (request for early/emergency review) if the owner of the project needs and supplies the request.

A contractor may obtain a limited residential restricted (BC-A/r) contractor's license, up to $125,000 without passing license exams, by taking a course approved by the Board with one of the following state community colleges listed below.  All other licensing requirements, with the exception of the exams, must be met, which includes a reviewed financial statement prepared by a CPA; proof of insurance; list of experience; and a reference from a past client, employer or codes official.   In addition, an interview with the Board is required. This restricted license does NOT allow exceeding the monetary limit; there is not a 10% tolerance; cannot joint venture with other contractors to combine monetary limits; and cannot split contracts into phases to circumvent the law.  The total cost of the project includes land, materials, labor, as well as profit.  Therefore, a limited licensee cannot perform projects larger than the monetary limit placed on their license.  Upon receipt of the completed application, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the Board at their next regularly scheduled Board meeting (see Public Meetings Calendar). 

Rule increased from *$70,000 to $125,000, effective 2/20/2014 to allow contractors to apply for a license up to this amount.  BC-A/r contractors may apply for an increase to their license limit by completing the Increase Request revision form and supplying the required reviewed financial statement, prepared by a CPA, that supports the amount requested and list of experience (all instructions are included in the revision form).  Upon receipt of the increase request, it will be presented to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting; no interview is required for revision requests. To obtain an increase of more than $125,000, this would require passing the exams.  Do NOT exceed the monetary limit on license prior to obtaining approval and a revised license by the Board.  

BC-A/r Class Providers

Nashville State Community College
Contact: (615) 353-3333

Chattanooga State Community College
Contact:  (423) 697-3100

Pellissippi State Community College
Contact:  (865) 694-6400

Memphis State Community College/@Homeprep
Contact:  800-952-0910

McMinnville TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology
Contact:  931-473-5587

Limited Licensed Electrician (LLE) Projects less than $25,000

Limited License Plumber (LLP) Projects less than $25,000

Home Improvement License Projects $3,000 to $24,999

Medical Gas

License Resources

  • Complaint Filing
  • Request for Public Record Files
    • Requests for public records from the Board's office may include: 1) License files; 2) Complaint files (does not include Legal case complaint files); 3) Documents from License files, such as: Certificate of Insurance (Contractors and Home Improvement); Surety Bond or IRLOC (Home Improvement); License Application, Renewal Forms, Revision Requests (Contractors and Home Improvement); etc.,
    • Confidential Records - Financial statements and indemnities are not considered public records. .
    • Documents with social security numbers are redacted

Some files are Adobe Reader® Files [pdf], 6.0 or higher. You may need to DOWNLOAD a free copy of Adobe Reader® to view these files.