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Fraud and Special Investigations Section -This Section investigates allegations of abuse, fraud, waste, and other violation of state or federal law.

This section is responsible for investigating fraud committed by licensed entities offering insurance products in the state of Tennessee. Licensed entities include but are not limited to insurance producers, agents, agencies and companies. This section does not investigate fraud committed by a consumer against an insurance company. That kind of fraud is handled by local law enforcement. Any complaint of wrongdoing by any licensed entity relating to insurance is appropriately referred to the fraud section.

The section ensures that allegations of fraud as related to the Department of Commerce and Insurance are investigated in a manner that best serves the Insurers and policyholders of the state of Tennessee. The Section functions both on a proactive and referral basis.

The Process: Complaint Form (PDF) | Online Complaint Form

Complete and sign the above complaint and forward it to the Insurance Fraud Investigations Section:

TDCI Fraud Investigations 500 James Robertson Parkway 6th Floor Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0600
Include copies of any relevant documents, such as: certificates of insurance, policy documents, sales literature, account statements, cancelled checks, confirmations, correspondence, or any other relevant materials.
Upon receipt, an investigator will be assigned to your case and you will be mailed a letter acknowledging the receipt of your complaint.
Your complaint will be reviewed by an investigator to determine whether the complaint provides reasonable suspicion to believe that there has been a violation of Tennessee Insurance Law. If so, an official investigation will be opened.
You will be contacted by the investigator if your complaint requires further investigation or further action.
If necessary, you may be asked to provide statements and/or testimony concerning the allegations in your complaint.
You will be notified when your complaint is closed and given the reason for the closure.

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