Quick Skills Training

TFACA Quick Skills training is designed for student review and discussion of the topics. Some are hands on drills while others are coffee break discussions. 

Fireground Hydraulics                     Firefighters and Cancer                                  Emergency Vehicle Operations

Large Diameter Hose                       Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives                   Emergency Scene Parking

Friction Loss                                       Hearing Protection                                           Keeping Apparatus Equipment Secure

Hose Testing                                       Proper Lifting Techniques                             Fireground Communication

Combination Nozzles                       Turnout Gear Inspection                               Response Staging

Nozzle Reactions                               Cleaning Turnout Gear

Fire Hydrants                                      RIT Company Bag

Foam                                                    Personnel Accountability Systems

Foam Application                              Reading the Smoke

Kitchen Fires                                       Garage Fires

Vehicle Fires Part I                             Vehicle Fires Part II