Fire Chief Orientation Schedule

Fire Chief Orientation is the class required by TCA – 68-102-108 for Fire Chiefs who serve as Assistant to Commissioner and meets the requirements for Tennessee:

 “…On or after June 20, 2006, and within one (1) year from the date of the certificate, the assistant must complete a sixteen-hour course presented by the Tennessee fire service and codes enforcement academy. The Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy shall instruct new assistants on fire incident reporting, fire cause determination, legal requirements for fire chiefs, basic management skills, fire service agencies and associations, and fire service requirements in the state of Tennessee….”

This class is a blended learning class consisting of on-line material as well as classroom facilitation of material. 

Tuition is free for this class.

Upper East Fire & Rescue April 6-7, 2024 *Must register with Upper East Fire & Rescue Conference

TN River Weekend November 2-3, 2024 *Must register with TN River Weekend Conference

September 7-8, 2024 @ TFACA *Must register in Acadis