Join our Network of Certified Faith-Based Recovery Partners


Above: Five leaders receive certificates for their newly-certified organizations.

Certified Faith-Based Recovery Partners are an integral part of the continuum of care providing a trauma informed, supportive community that surrounds the individual and serves as a buffer during times of stress, hardship, and struggles. This buffer allows the individual to know they are not alone but instead supported by others who want to aid in success.

Who can be a partner?  There are two types of partners:

Certified Recovery Congregations

Certified Recovery Congregations include faith-based congregations, churches, or institutions.

Certified Recovery Communities of Faith

Certified Recovery Communities of Faith may include organizations, groups, programs, or entities.

Both types of Partnerships provide recovery support services and/or recovery friendly environments in which healing can begin.

Our growing network is seeking new partners who are willing to:

1.      Provide spiritual/pastoral support.

2.      View mental health challenges and substance use disorders as manageable conditions.

3.      Embrace and support people in recovery and walk with them on their journey.

4.      Provide visible outreach in the community.

5.      Disseminate recovery information.

6.      Host or refer individuals to recovery support groups.

7.      Pledge to recognize suicidal ideation and connect individuals in need, to crisis services.

8.      Become trauma-Informed and create a safe space for individuals to share their hurt and begin their healing.

Education to Equip your Efforts

A key aspect to the TDMHSAS Faith-Based Initiative is our network of trainers who are experienced in many areas and certified to deliver behavioral health content like suicide prevention and trauma-informed care.  All of these valuable trainings are available to you for free.

This Educational Services Packet (ESP) outlines the various trainings available ranging from the basics of addiction, mental health, and suicide prevention to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma-Informed Care.  Trainings can be combined to create events based on your community's specific needs.

This Virtual Information Portal (VIP) is a resource for faith and community leaders who are interested in learning more about opportunities to serve their neighbors who are facing behavioral health challenges.

Ready to take the next step?

If you're interested in learning more and invested in this work, let's explore what's involved with certification!