7,276 Total Number of Apprentices
 364 Total Active Programs
3,123 New Apprentices in 2022
58 New Programs in 2022

Learn More About the Apprenticeship Program

Watch the videos below to learn more about the benefits of an apprenticeship program for both employers and apprentices. 

For three decades, workers at Komatsu in Chattanooga have taken on the task of building excavators. The first class of Komatsu's pre-apprenticeship program will teach a new generation about jobs in manufacturing and allow high school students to learn lessons they can't get in the classroom.

"They're going to recognize what our people do on a daily basis. It's going to give them some real-world experience."

- Walt Nichols, General Manager of Komatsu

Tim Cassidy is an apprentice graduate from Northeast State Community College’s Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing program. Tim talks about how this Registered Apprenticeship program helped him achieve his career goals.

“The reason I wanted to work for an apprenticeship is because...... I wanted to be the best I can be at anything I can do.”

 - Tim Cassidy

Apprentice Instructor Kevin Vaughn speaks about the opportunities apprenticeships offer, and how learning his trade through apprenticeship shaped his life.


“It’s a problem finding skilled help, not just for our company, but other trades that’s out there, also.”

 - Kevin Vaughn

Meet two gentlemen who are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program. Hear how they got involved, what they're getting out of it, and how it's creating a better life for them and their families without any student loan debt. 

"When I get done with this (apprenticeship) I can take it anywhere and get a job easy, because there's always going to be a need for an electrician."

- Donald Heughan

2022 Apprenticeship TN Conference Meets During Apprenticeship Week 

The videos below show (LEFT) the East conference held in Knoxville on November 15, 2022, and (RIGHT) the West conference held in Memphis on November 17, 2022.