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What if the webpage is blocked?

Sometimes, corporate networks and firewalls block entire sites out of an abundance of caution.

If any of the following three links do not load on your computer, then we recommend trying the steps below:

Ask your I.T. department for a temporary exception

Send the three links above to your IT department and ask if they can temporarily allow these links through the firewall during the conference. This will ensure your devices stay connected to the secure network but allow the sites to load on your computer. For added security, you can ask for IT to re-enable the security block to those pages after the conference is over on November 13, 2020.

Use your personal computer

It might would be easier to have the conference links pulled up on a personally-owned computer. All the links above will work on a typical home internet connection.

Temporarily turn off VPN

[Less Secure] VPNs are likely used to secure connection to your organization's shared drives and web portals. However, they may also interfere with your ability to attend the conference. Consider temporarily disabling them or log off to regain access to the conference sessions and communications.

Try using a phone or tablet (on home Wi-Fi)

[Less Secure] Your mobile device might not be connected to the corporate network, and able to view the sites mentioned above. Additionally, if allowed by your I.T. department, consider changing your device's Wi-Fi settings to connect to your home network, then try to click the links again.