About Us

Who We Are

TRICOR is a self-supportive state agency providing occupational and life skills training for Tennessee's incarcerated population through job training, program opportunities, and transitional services designed to assist offenders with a successful reintegration into society. TRICOR operates multiple businesses, including agriculture, business services, call centers, consumables, production services, cleaning products, and uniforms. TRICOR offers Tennessee's state, county and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and education institutions quality goods and services and competitive pricing.

TRICOR has a team-based culture that aligns the organization around one mission:

Our Mission

To prepare offenders for success after release.

Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR) was founded in 1994, as a self-supportive government agency that provides occupational and life skills training for Tennessee’s incarcerated population through job training, professional certification and coaching programs.

What We Offer

We take a holistic approach and focus on the individual to ensure they have the skills, confidence, self-esteem and professionalism to successfully reintegrate into society and become productive citizens. We provide training in multiple industries and guidance on the importance of reliability, work ethic and respect in the workplace.

We also provide post-release services and assist the offenders in their job search after release. To achieve this, we have partnered with companies like yours, who have taken advantage of this untapped workforce and benefitted from their skills, motivation and desire to change their lives. We hope you will consider joining our effort and hiring a TRICOR-trained-and-mentored returning citizen.


TRICOR’s customers are located across the state of Tennessee and include tax-supported institutions and government divisions such as state, county, and city agencies, non-profit organizations, and school districts. TRICOR also has private-sector partnerships with businesses needing viable alternatives to solve specific business problems.