Building Information Modeling Standards (BIM)

The intent of these BIM standards is to provide for the consistent development and management of Building Information Models on State building projects.  These BIM standards apply to Designers and their Consultants, and/or to Contractors and their Subcontractors, selected by the State Procurement Agencies (SPA’s) for projects designated to use BIM.  Additionally, these BIM standards may be voluntarily used by Designers, and/or may be voluntarily used by Contractors, working on State projects who choose on their own to use BIM and agree to do so according to the State’s standards.

TN OSA BIMs Version 2.1 - April 2023 (Current Version)***

TN OSA BIMs Version 2.0 - July 2020 (Previous Version)**

TN OSA BIMs Version 1.1 - July 2015 (Previous Version)*

All BIM projects approved prior to July 1, 2020 may use TN OSA BIMs Version 1.1* or Version 2.0**.
All BIM projects approved after June 30, 2020 through April 3, 2023 must use TN OSA BIMs Version 2.0**.
All BIM projects approved after April 3, 2023 must use TN OSA BIMs Version 2.1***.

Links to BIM Presentations

  • TN OSA BIMs Version 2 Webinar - Presented in 2020, the goal of the webinar is to provide State and industry professionals with a general overview of the revised version 2 standard including BIM, COBie, key changes, requirements, tools, recommended protocols and deliverables.

State Provided Resources and Tools

  • COBie Validator Software (Microsoft Access or Access Runtime is required) - Validation tool used to ensure a project's COBie file meets the State's BIM Standards.
  • Tips, Tricks and Tools - Various tips and tricks for working with Revit to meet the TN BIM standards
  • The COBie toolkit is an Add-In tool that will help teams to create and export COBie compliant files
  • COBie Spreadsheet Sample and Instructions - A sample COBie file with known errors that can be used by project team members to demo the COBie Validator
  • Project Manager BIM Checklist - Checklist of activities the TN PM should perform during the design and construction phases of a BIM project

Links to BIM Vendor Resources and Tools

  • The State of Tennessee provides these solely as a resource for convenience.  Additional links will be provided as they are identified. 
  • Tekla BIMsight - Free model viewing software that can be used to combine models, perform clash detection, and view data contained in the models
  • Revit to gbXML - Tips and tricks for creating a Revit model that can be exported for energy analysis via gbXML
  • The shared parameters file for Revit that meets the attribute requirements of TN's v1.1 of the BIM Standards. Project teams can use this file to assign TN required attributes to their Revit objects.
  • Revit BIM Interoperability tools content and instructions
  • AutoDesk COBie Extension settings file - Right-click link and SAVE LINK AS to a known location, then use the IMPORT function in the Settings area of the COBie Extension to import the downloaded file
  • AutoDesk Model Checker configuration file - Right-click link and SAVE LINK AS to a known location, then in the Model Checker click the CONFIGURE button and select the OPEN command and open the downloaded file
  • Revit BIM interoperability tools for COBie Extension and Model Checker