“Government is not the answer to some of our greatest problems. The government’s purpose is to protect life, liberty, and freedom. We the people are the ones to address our greatest problems.”
Governor Bill Lee - Inaugural Address, January 2019 

The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was created in 2019, as part of the inaugural legislative agenda of Governor Bill Lee. This office brings together faith communities, nonprofits, business leaders, state and local governments to recognize and implement best practices in our shared goal to make life better for every Tennessean. 

Governor Lee launched this initiative with an awareness that government is not the answer to our problems and with the recognition that faith communities are called to feed the hungry, visit the sick and imprisoned, care for our neighbors and provide healing to those who are suffering. His mission is to bring these faithful, compassionate people together with state and local governments, find new ways to solve some of our toughest issues and leverage opportunities that contribute to the flourishing of Tennessee communities. 


Our Mission

Leveraging the power of faith communities, nonprofits, and government to improve life for every Tennessean.

Our Vision

For every Tennessean to flourish.

  • Connect: Collaborating with Faith Communities, Nonprofits, and Government.
  • Promote: Celebrating the good work happening across Tennessee.
  • Accelerate: Advancing initiatives that improve life for every Tennessean

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Dave Worland

Meet Dave Worland

Dave Worland was appointed Executive Director of The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives by Governor Bill Lee in 2019. Mr. Worland’s career demonstrates his faith in action and highlights his last 30 years leading local, national and international nonprofits that are dedicated to doing good in our communities. A gifted visionary, he has made his mark by bringing people of faith and goodwill together to build initiatives that promote hope and healing in the lives of people right here in Tennessee and across the world.

Dave and his wife, Sally, have been married for 35 years and live in Chattanooga, TN with their four children and seven grandchildren. Dave is an Elder and small group study co-leader at his longtime church, Rock Creek Fellowship. On the weekends, he can be found working in his woodshop, calling a square dance for a local school, family gatherings or community centers, or helping his wife at the rustic resort, day camp and venue that she and her parents started over forty years ago. 


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