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Intent to Submit

By signing below, we are advising the TNECD and other stakeholders of our organization’s intent to complete the application for participation in the Tennessee Rural Hospital Transformation Program.

By submitting this statement, our organization is expressing its intent to be considered for inclusion in the program, our understanding of the requirements to participate as outlined in the Application FAQ and an additional confirmation of commitment to fulfill all such requirements if our organization is selected. Furthermore, this letter also serves to notify the TNECD that while our organization’s application will be completed in full, circumstances may prevent our application from being submitted by the specified application closing period of 5:00pm CT September 7th, 2020. We acknowledge that by submitting by the application after the closing period that we may be forfeiting our participation in the program. Extensions to complete the application following the closing date may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are at the discretion of TNECD and its consultants.

By signing below, our organization acknowledges and agrees that the above information is reflective of the intentions of the organization’s leadership.