T.C.A. § 3-6-305(b)(8)

Entertainment, food, refreshments, meals, beverages, or health screenings that are provided in connection with an in-state event to which invitations are extended to the entire membership of the general assembly; however, a copy of the invitation shall be delivered to the ethics commission and to each member of the general assembly at least seven (7) days in advance of the event by the employer or lobbyist paying for the event; provided further, however, that, within thirty (30) days following the event, the employer or lobbyist shall electronically report to the commission the total aggregate cost paid for the event, as well as the per person contractual cost for the event or the per person cost for the event based on the number of persons invited, which shall not exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) per person per day, excluding sales tax and gratuity. The value of any such gift may not be reduced below the monetary limitation by dividing the cost of the gift among two (2) or more lobbyists or employers of lobbyists. All such information delivered or reported to the commission shall be promptly posted on the commission's Internet site. The filing of a consolidated report may be authorized by rule, promulgated pursuant to § 4-55-103(1), if the costs of the event are shared by two (2) or more employers or lobbyists; however, any such report shall specify the allocation of the costs among the employers or lobbyists; provided further, however, that the employers or lobbyists shall remain individually accountable for the timeliness and accuracy of the consolidated filing. The fifty dollar ($50.00) limitation shall be increased to the nearest one dollar ($1.00) amount to reflect the percentage of change in the average consumer price index (all items-city average) as published by the United States department of labor, bureau of labor statistics, every odd-numbered year on January 1, starting in 2007. The ethics commission shall publish the increased amount on its web site.