Our Voices Campaign

Black and brown communities have been disproportionately impacted by this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, and the Tennessee Department of Health’s Division of Health Disparities Elimination wants to tell the stories of individuals in their own words. From Sullivan County to Shelby County, we encourage those in these minority communities to share how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted either their personal or professional life. These are our stories.

                                                                 Our Voices COVID-19 Campaign 

My Story

Terry A. (Sevier County)

My Story

Jennifer S. (Shelby County)

Kenric Duncan Photo

Kenric D. (Shelby County)

Pastor Socrates Holguín

Socrates H. (Sumner County)

Euralia Seda

Euralia S. (Davidson County)

George Brooks

George B. (Davidson County)

Katherine Shorter

Katherine S. (Shelby County)

Mary Thompson

Mary T. (Madison County)

Geraldine Pollard

Geraldine P. (Shelby County)

Hanna Hollings

Hanna H. (Williamson)

My Story

Amy C. (Sumner County)

Tanesha Williams

Tanesha W. (Sumner County)

Shirley Pickens

Shirley P. (Robertson County)

Iris Nieves

Iris N. (Davidson County)

Harper Hollings

Harper H. (Williamson)

Charles Clemons

Charles C. (Shelby County)

Rubie Wooten-Dandridge Photo

Rubie D. (Shelby County)

Gloria Moore

Gloria M. (Robertson County)

Miguel Rivera

Miguel R. (Davidson County)

Jordyn Williams-Kinsel photo

Jordyn W. (Shelby County)

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