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Notice On Temporary Tags

The Commission may revoke a license for an act or practice involving the sale/ purchase of a motor vehicle that is either false, fraudulent, or deceptive. T.C.A. § 55-17-114 (b) (1) (K).
The Commission may take such action against dealerships who have been found in violation of current laws and requirements related to the issuance of temporary tags. Current law provides for the issuance of one (1) temporary plate covering a sixty-day (60 day) period. [T.C.A. § 55-4-226 (c)(4)]

The Department of Revenue has allowed dealers a one-time extension for an additional sixty-day (60) day tag, though we expect them to revisit this additional allowance in the near future. Dealers issuing more than the temporary tag limit allowed by Revenue (currently two (2) temporary tags), may be found in violation of T.C.A. § 55-17-114 (b) (1) (K) and, as such, risk revocation of their license.

Further, any unauthorized use of the temporary tag (EZ Tag), e.g., placing an unauthorized temporary tag on a vehicle for which it is not registered; selling temporary tags for monetary gain, etc. may also result in substantial civil penalties (up to $5,000 per day, per occurrence), suspension, or license revocation.

The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission is committed to the uniform and impartial application of the Tennessee Dealer-Manufacturer Licensing Laws, Rules and Regulations.

These regulations are intended to empower consumers while allowing all dealers to compete for business on a level playing field.

The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission shall not waiver from this mission.

*Please be aware the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission does not license or have a license classification for wholesale, broker or exporter licenses*

Get It In Gear. Dealers, please make sure to have your proof of Insurance and bond before renewing.

For Information on, or to submit Surety Bonds, Insurance Certificates or Appeal Requests for denied licenses, you may now contact the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission at

*NOTICE* Effective October 5, 2016, all dealers are required to disclose, prior to sale, any vehicle with a rebuilt title, salvage title or salvage history along with the signature of the purchaser acknowledging such disclosure. The disclosure MUST be made on the MVC approved form.  You may download the form at

*NOTICE*  The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission is now utilizing a new form for a Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond.  Bond requirements HAVE NOT changed.  Please click on the link to download the new form.

For Bonds, Insurance, Appeals and Other Licensing Documents

Please submit your documents to

For Questions and Assistance

615-741-2711 | Motor.Vehicle@TN.Gov.