County Clerk Resources

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission

Here you will find information that is useful for County Clerks assisting area Motor Vehicle Dealers. This information will help provide County Clerks the ability to determine eligibility of dealers who wish to obtain dealer plates, submissions of annual sales reports, and other important dealer information.

Annual Sales Report Forms

These forms are for use by dealers in your area who do not have access to a computer. If filing after February 15,  the Annual Sales Report must be completed by the dealer, and the late fee of $100 must be sent to:

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission
C/O Annual Sales Report
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN   37243

Dealers with computer access can submit their Annual Sales Report online by visiting If late filing, the late fee will automatically be added to the online report before submission can be completed.

Note:  Dealers are not eligible to purchase dealer plates if they have not submitted the Annual Sales Report.  If the report is submitted after February 15, the dealer will also be assessed a $100 late fee which must be paid before becoming eligible to purchase plates.  Those who have gone online to submit their report and pay their fees will be reflected on the Annual Sales Report List within 24 hours.