Community Risk Reduction (CRR)

Statewide Community Risk Reduction

In 2017, the State Fire Marshal’s Office launched a new statewide Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan with the goal of having all recognized fire departments in the state address risk as it relates to their community. The SFMO provides fire departments with a risk assessment which lays the groundwork for the fire department to work with local stakeholders and related partners to create a localized CRR plan that addresses their unique risks.

Fire departments with a CRR plan on file with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

If you’re with a fire department interested in receiving a risk assessment, click here.

The Excellence in Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Award was established in 2017 to recognize fire departments who have created, implemented, and monitored a successful community risk reduction initiative. Each year, applicants from across Tennessee submit their community risk reduction plans to be judged by national leaders in CRR. The award is given each year at the State Fire Marshal’s Office’s annual Fire Loss Symposium.

Past winners of the Excellence in Community Risk Reduction Award:

2022 - Seveir County Fire Rescue

2021 - Gilt Edge Fire Department

2020 - Jackson Fire Department   

2019 - Three Star Volunteer Fire Department

2018 - Madison County Fire Department

2017 - Madison County Fire Department


For more information about the Excellence in Community Risk Reduction Award, click here