Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As long as the certificates were issued by an entity accredited by either the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or the National Board of Professional Qualifications (ProBoard) after the date the entity became accredited.

You must first become affiliated or sponsored by a fire department in Tennessee (either paid or volunteer), or be in the Tennessee Fire & Codes Academy 10 week recruit course. After that, you become certified in accordance with the Commission’s Rule and Regulations available on our website.

This varies by level. HMA, & HMO can be taken together at the same time, In addition, Fire Instructor I per rule requires a person to be in the fire service for 3 years. For other levels, an applicant may challenge another examination in 30 days or less as defined in progression rule 0360-06-01-.04

The Educational Incentive is a supplemental bonus paid to career or volunteer firefighters for completing the required program hours of Commission approved training on an annual basis and by acquiring firefighter certification through the Commission. The training program is submitted to the Commission for approval and is conducted by the local fire department.

Yes. State Law states that either volunteer firefighter or full-time firefighter employed by a governmental entity qualify for the Educational Incentive Pay.

Departments recognized under the Fire Department Recognition Act, T.C.A. § 68-102-301 etseq. may participate in any eligible Commission program. Recognition shall be deemed participation in Firefighting programs.

Training Programs must be submitted by October 1st of the preceding calendar year for which training is to be conducted.

Educational Incentive forms are required to be submitted by March 1st.

Many of the forms you need are available for download on our website. Also, you may contact the Commission Office and we will mail or e-mail you any of the forms or documents you require.