Reciprocity Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Tennessee recognize any other State’s firefighter certification?

Yes. As long as the certificates were issued by an entity accredited by either the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or the National Board of Professional Qualifications (ProBoard) after the date the entity became accredited.

  • How do I request Reciprocity?

A reciprocity application will need to be submitted by the applicant or a representative from the applicant's current fire department.

The applicant will need to log into Acadis at ( ) If the applicant does not have an Acadis account, the applicant will need to complete a TFACA New Student: PSID Application.

  • What are the rules governing reciprocity?

0360-06-01-.05 RECIPROCITY.

  1. Reciprocity of certification shall be considered by the Commission for applicants who have achieved certification from another agency that has achieved national accreditation from an organization recognized by the Commission and who meet the criteria established by the Commission.
  2. The following shall be submitted to request reciprocity:
    1. Application for reciprocity with a list of certification(s) for which the applicant is requesting reciprocity;
    2. Documentation that the applicant has not been out of the fire service within the last three (3) years or more from the date of applying for reciprocity;
    3. Proof of certification (copies of certificates). Certificates of attendance shall not constitute proof of certification; and
    4. Proof of applicant’s residency in Tennessee or documentation of support, sponsorship or employment by a fire chief or department recognized pursuant to T.C.A. §§ 68-102-301, et seq.
  3. When considering whether to grant reciprocity to another jurisdiction’s certifications, the Commission shall only grant reciprocity only if all of the following criteria are met:
    1. The certification is issued by an entity accredited by IFSAC or Pro Board, the certification is in the registry of the national accrediting agency, and the certification is issued after the date the entity became accredited;
    2. The applicant has not been out of the fire service for a period of three (3) years or more; and
    3. The Commission receives proof of the applicant’s residency in Tennessee or a letter of support, sponsorship or employment from a fire chief or recognized department employing or appointing the applicant.
  4. If reciprocity is granted, the Commission shall issue a letter recognizing the applicant’s certifications in the State of Tennessee and this recognition shall meet the requirements of certification in Tennessee.
  5. For progression purposes in the Certification Program and for purposes related to Educational Incentive Pay, the date of recognition of the certification shall be used for “Date of Certification”.
  6. If a fire department requires or an individual, who has received reciprocity of a level of certification, chooses to pursue certification in the State of Tennessee, the applicant shall be eligible to pursue certification but shall be required to meet all of the certification requirements.
  7. The Commission shall not recognize or grant reciprocity to a certification issued by a fire department in Tennessee even if that fire department is accredited by a national accrediting agency.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 4-24-101, 4-24-106, 4-24-107, and 4-24-202. Administrative History: Original rule filed April 25, 2005; effective July 9, 2005. Amendment filed December 14, 2009; effective March 14, 2010. Amendments filed October 27, 2014; effective January 25, 2015. Amendments and new rules filed June 3, 2016; effective September 1, 2016. Amendments filed July 27, 2018; effective October 25, 2018.