Hiring Process

Searching and Applying for Career Opportunities at the State of Tennessee

Types of Employment

Preferred Service employee is an employee who holds a position in an agency in the state service, in which the employee has successfully completed the requisite probationary period. Employees in the Preferred Service have a streamlined appeals process for appreciation of a law, rule or policy by an agency which results in dismissal demotion or certain suspensions.

An Executive Service employee is an employee who holds a position in an agency that meets the criteria in Tenn. Code. Ann. § 8-30-202. Executive Service employees serve at the pleasure of the Appointing Authority and do not have the ability to appeal a suspension, demotion, or dismissal.

Searching for Careers and Internships

Applicants should visit www.TN.gov/Careers to search and apply for career opportunities, including Prefered Service, Executive Service, and Internship positions. Active state employees should search and apply for opportunities directly through Edison self-service, which will feature all available career opportunities and additional promotional opportunities for active state employees only.

Applying for Careers and Internships

Click ‘Apply’ from the job posting page. All applications must be submitted online through the applicant website.  Applicants must complete an applicant profile, including contact information and complete education and employment history. Executive Service career opportunities may have application instructions that are specific to the posting. Please carefully review and follow the application instructions provided on each posting.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications required for the position, including education and work experience.

After posting closes, applicants are notified within a few weeks if they are eligible for the position. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will receive an email invitation to participate in an electronic first round interview for the position. Applicants who fail to complete the first round interview will not progress in the interview process.

First Round Interviews

The State of Tennessee conducts all first round interviews electronically by emailing interview questions to the email address listed on your applicant profile.  Please make sure your email address is listed correctly and be sure to check junk, spam or other email boxes regularly to ensure you receive all communications regarding your application. Unfortunately, email settings may recognize emails from the State of Tennessee application site as spam, and it is important to monitor these folders, as we cannotmake exceptions for any missed communications.

How to complete your 1st Round Interview?

After you open the 1st Round Interview email invitation, locate the interview link. There are several ways to access the 1st Round Interview Questions. You can click on the link from the interview letter, copy and paste the link into the web address bar at the top of the webpage, or type the web link exactly as it appears in the letter to the web address bar at the top of the webpage.  Click here to read more information.