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School Programs

The Tennessee Agricultural Museum hosts hands-on activities and demonstrations that highlightour curriculum-based programs. While these are currently rooted in a historical context, agricultural education overlaps with science, math, and even language arts content standards. Our K-6th grade programs last about one hour and change seasonally. Students visiting the museum will see selected artifacts that are age appropriate and correlate with the program’s theme.

Program and group tour fees are $1 per person with one free admission per each class of 15 or more students. Additional chaperones are $1 each.

A minimum of 15 students are required for educational programs. If attendance falls below 15, call to reschedule. Maximum group size is 60.

Reservations are required. Please call (615) 837-5197 to schedule.

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Educational Programs:

(January-February) George Washington: First Farmer and President    Many of us know George Washington as America’s first president and a famous soldier. In this program we celebrate Washington’s Birthday and teach about his life as a Virginia farmer. Students will learn about his daily life – from building split rail fences to overseeing the harvest, along with threshing grain, spinning wool, and writing with a quill pen. 

(March-May & August-September) Covered Wagons and Log Cabins on the Cumberland    This program features a covered wagon and the items a family needed for survival on the Tennessee frontier. Your group will see and touch a variety of objects as you make decisions about packing the wagon with food, furniture and cooking utensils. Note: Weather will dictate the use of the log cabin area adjacent to the museum.

(April-May) School Days in the Country    Your students will enter the one-room school and be transported to another time. The building features a wood burning stove, primitive teacher’s desk and recitation bench. Activities will focus on a time when farm children carried lunch pails and walked miles to study the “3 Rs” - Limit 25 in group total.

(June-July) Summertime on the Farm    Students will learn about life in rural Tennessee before electricity as they try different farm chores, like washing clothes by hand. They will explore cabins, an heirloom garden, and learn about some of the games children played before TV and video games provided entertainment. Due to the outdoor content of the program, weather is a limiting factor. Full refunds available for weather-related cancelations.

(September-November) Tennessee’s First Farmers- An Indian Legacy    Tennessee's first farmers grew corn, beans, squash and pumpkins over a thousand years ago. The life of the Native Americans, particularly the Cherokee nation, who cared for the land, will be better understood as students learn about stone hoes, axes, and flint points. In addition, students will also have an opportunity to make a clay pendant, hand-shuck corn, and learn about animals’ pelts and their historical purposes. 

(December) Home for the Holidays    Gather round the cedar tree for stories and demonstrations featuring handmade ornaments and old-fashioned toys. Sleigh bells and songs will make this a happy holiday celebration as we teach about how holidays were celebrated long ago. Your group will enjoy sugar cookies and apple cider to close out the visit. 

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Travelling Trunk - Bringing History to the Classroom

Can’t make it to the museum? Let the museum come to you! A Pioneer Journey travelling trunk builds a sense of adventure as students see and touch items familiar to Tennessee pioneers.

From betty lamps to buckskin and butter molds, there are interesting objects to capture the imagination.

Using a resource packet of activities and stories, students can journey to a time when pioneer farm families shaped the course of our state.

The Award-winning Program Includes:

  • Activity Packet and Information geared for Grades K-4Twenty-two objectsAtmosphere Music CDGiveaways
  • Twenty-two objects
  • Atmosphere Music CD
  • Giveaways
Teachers may reserve the trunk for two weeks at a fee of $25. Please call (615)837-5197 to make your reservation.

Classroom Materials

If you are interested in curriculum materials related to the Tennessee Agricultural Museum’s programs, please email us at These provide context about the museum and our field trips and spark interest to learn more about Tennessee’s rural heritage in connection to the State Content Standards. Our Curator of Education will send curriculum packets to all groups that attend our field trips. 

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