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Tennessee Public Utility Commission

Established in 1996, the Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) was created to meet the challenge of the changing telecommunications and utility environment. The Tennessee Public Utility Commission is charged with the responsibility of setting the rates and service standards of privately owned telephone, natural gas, electric, and water utilities.

Mission Statement
To ensure the safe and reliable provision of public utility services to the citizens of Tennessee.

Vision Statement
The TPUC strives to serve the best interests of the public in its utility oversight and agency operations.

TPUC Values

  1. Respect – We respect our customers, coworkers, and ourselves, and treat everyone with due consideration and dignity in all situations.
  2. Public Trust – We insist and require honesty and integrity and consistently reflect these ideals.
  3. Customer-focused – We are responsive to our customers and effective stewards of public resources, which provide maximum benefits to our customers.
  4. Highly Qualified – We actively work to continuously improve and utilize our knowledge and skills to grow a culture of high performance. 
  5. Innovative – We are adaptive and strive for creative solutions in response to the challenging and dynamic utility