“Tennessee is now viewed as a change agent, an innovator in the world of public education. By accelerating the gains we have made in education and staying true to the reforms in place, we will ensure that no matter how much money a family has, no matter what neighborhood a child grows up in, and no matter the pace and style of learning an individual child requires to thrive, every student will have an opportunity to learn.”
– Governor Bill Haslam


We must further the gains we have made in education by staying true to the reforms we have put in place for Tennessee’s students and families.

Since 2011…

  • Tennessee has put in place higher standards and greater accountability for our students and educators.
  • Through the new state standards, Tennessee students are now the fastest-improving in the nation.
  • The state will have invested nearly $1.5 billion into K-12 education, with $500 million going to teacher salaries.
  • Tennessee’s high school graduation rate has hit a record high and more students than ever are going to college.
  • Tennesseans can attend college tuition-free through Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect.
Chart of TN being the Fastest Improving State in the Nation