Tennessee Will Lead

 “Our country’s founding fathers established the states as laboratories of democracy, where each state could choose its own path and learn what works. In Tennessee, we now know what works.”  – Governor Bill Haslam


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The Challenge


“I am proposing a bold new challenge. I want Tennessee to lead the nation in jobs, education and government efficiency. I don't just want us to compete; I want us to be the best.” – Governor Bill Haslam


  • 400,000 net new jobs
  • Record low unemployment
  • One of the lowest taxed states in the nation
  • A safe, reliable transportation network to access the jobs of the future


  • Tennessee K-12 students are the fastest improving in the nation
  • High school graduation rates are the highest the state has ever seen
  • Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect provide two years of college free of tuition and fees
  • Will have added $1.5 billion into K-12 education, with $500 million going to teacher salaries

Efficient & Effective Government

  • Cut $578 million out of the state budget
  • Tripled the state’s Rainy Day Fund
  • Lowest debt per capita
  • Cut taxes by $572 million, including the sales tax on groceries by 30 percent
  • Performance-based pay for state employees