Residence Arboretum

Tennessee Residence Arboretum

Trees are the heart and warmth of any property. They are the bones of the landscape that provide year-round interest whether it is the exfoliating bark in winter on a crape myrtle, the bluebirds dancing around on the branches of the tulip poplar in the spring, the sweet fragrance of the southern magnolia blooms, or the stunning bright red fall color of the sugar maple. No matter what season, there is always something special about trees to see and explore. 

The Tennessee Residence is home to more than 175 trees that represent 27 different families and 63 species. The staffs from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry and the Tennessee Residence worked on meeting the requirements for the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council’s (TUFC) Arboretum Program for the Tennessee Residence to become a certified arboretum. Upon completion of the application and inspection, TUFC certified the Tennessee Residence as a Level 2 Arboretum. With this certification, there are more than 60 trees properly identified and labeled on our property

 Trees included in the Tennessee Residence Arboretum:

·        Acer saccharinum, sugar maple

·        Castanea dentata, American chestnut

·        Cladrastis kentuckea, American yellowwood

·        Cornus florida, flowering dogwood

·        Cunninghamia lancelata, Chinafir

·        Ginkgo biloba, ginkgo

·        Liquidambar styraciflua, American sweetgum

·        Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip poplar

·        Pinus strobus, white pine

·        Styrax obassia, fragrant snowbell