Volunteer Mentorship Initiative

Governor Bill Lee's Volunteer Mentorship Initiative 

I’m proud to announce that we are launching the Volunteer Mentorship Initiative to equip Tennesseans throughout our state to mentor fellow Tennesseans who are currently in prison.

And I’m signing up tonight as the first volunteer.

This initiative will begin by working with Tennessee-based non-profits to pair degree-seeking inmates with mentors on the outside as they seek better opportunities for themselves during their time in prison and their first days back in their communities.

As our state has shown before, we can change the course of history and the destiny of people when we step up, volunteer, and serve one another.

- Governor Bill Lee, State of the State Address, March 4, 2019

The Volunteer Mentorship Initiative is partnering with existing non-profits and programs to train and equip volunteer mentors, who will build relationships and have regular contact with Tennesseans who are incarcerated both before and after they are released back into the community. The more Tennesseans who volunteer, the more mentorships we can have across our great state. If you’re interested in learning more about the initiative and how you can be involved, please complete the form below: