Gov. Lee Announces Appointments to Key Boards & Commissions

Friday, January 12, 2024 | 11:28am

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced appointees to a series of key state boards and commissions.

“I’m pleased to appoint these highly-qualified individuals who will ensure that Tennessee continues to lead the nation,” said Gov. Lee. “The success of our state depends on the engagement of Tennesseans, and I look forward to their service.”

Appointees will fill a variety of roles to ensure that Tennessee’s boards and commissions continue conducting the state’s business at the highest level. The following Tennesseans have been appointed:

Tennessee Board of Parole

  • Robert L. Waggoner, Member

Heritage Conservation Trust Fund Board – subject to legislative confirmation

  • Madge Cleveland, East TN Member
  • Charles Hankla, Middle TN Member
  • Jeremy Nagoshiner, Middle TN Member
  • Angie Box, West TN Member
  • Mike Frick, West TN Member
  • Phil Poux, West TN Member

Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission – subject to legislative confirmation

  • Dr. Cherrye Robertson, Principal

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Advisory Board – subject to legislative confirmation

  • Garnett Decosimo, Member
  • Mario Duarte, Member

University of Tennessee at Martin Advisory Board – subject to legislative confirmation

  • Dan Strasser, Member

State Board of Accountancy

  • Sam Bennett, Middle TN Member

Real Estate Commission

  • Geoffrey Diaz, West TN Member

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission

  • Ian Leavy, Representative of Manufacturing
  • Victor J. Evans, Representative of Consumers

Tennessee Auctioneer Commission

  • Larry Sims, Middle TN Auctioneer

Air Pollution Control Board

  • Kyle Etheridge, Representative of Tennessee Industry