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Members of the Unified-Command Group

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Lee appointed the Unified Command to streamline coordination across the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), Tennessee Department of Health and Tennessee Department of Military.

This group, led by former Finance and Administration Commissioner Stuart McWhorter, strengthens the way we address COVID-19 in Tennessee as we work to simultaneously address health, economic and supply crises.

Other members of Unified Command include Dr. Lisa Piercey (Tennessee Department of Health), Maj. General Holmes (Tennessee Department of Military), Patrick Sheehan (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) and Retired Brigadier General Scott Brower.

Bill Lee

Governor Tennessee

Scott Brower

Retired Brigadier General

Lisa Piercey

Commissioner Department of Health

Jeff Holmes

Commissioner Department of Military

Patrick Sheehan

Director, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Department of Military