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SmartStart™ Communities

Become a SmartStart™ Community

A SmartStart™ Community partners with TNECD’s Business Enterprise Resource Office (BERO) to support a thriving small business and entrepreneurial environment by providing education, tools and resources.

What is the benefit?

SmartStart™ increases collaboration in a community, enabling it to deliver the most up-to-date resources and tools to its aspiring and existing small business and entrepreneurs.

Participating organizations, or community partners, increase value in their community, not to mention in their customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

How does a community participate?

It’s a simple, clear process…

1.     Each community will begin with a minimum of three (3) unique Community Partners.

2.     Attend an initial 30-minute training either online or in person

3.     Agree to and then maintain regular communication with BERO on No Wrong Door designation.

Super easy, right?

SmartStart™ Community Partners

Upon completion by each of the Community Partners,  communities will receive a resource toolkit that includes SmartStart books, SmarStart stickers, and three window decals (one for each member’s organization) to display in the front window of each of the respective Community Partner’s organizations.

That’s it!

Who is a Community Partner?

Communities must have a minimum of three (3) unique Community Partners who are willing to provide resources for their aspiring and existing small business and entrepreneurs.

 Community Partners could be any combination of…

  • An elected official’s office
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • ESOs (Entrepreneurial Support Organization)
  • Electric providers
  • Business leaders, small or large, for or nonprofit
  • Educational institutions
  • And more…

There is a lot of flexibility because we know your community is unique.

SmartStart™ offers rolling onboarding for communities that are ready to participate.

There is no deadline.

Here is how to get started

Send us an email at  with “SmartStart™ Community: Sign Us Up!” in the subject line.

Your email should include:

  • Expression of interest to participate
  • The names of three (3) proposed Community Partners. For each, include the organization’s name and address, and a point of contact within each to include name, title, email, and phone number(s). Also describe how each organization would benefit your community by participating in No Wrong Door.
  • Designate at least one person who will serve as the primary point of contact (POC) for communication with us.
  • Do you prefer an in-person or online (webinar) training? At least one representative from each of the three Community Partners must attend in order to participate in No Wrong Door. Note: They don’t necessarily have to all participate in the same one at the same time.

Upon receipt, BERO will review and work with your POC to schedule training session.

More questions?

No problem! Please email us at with “SmartStart™ Community: Question(s)” in the subject line.