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TDCI Is Fully Operational. Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 or Contact Staff here.
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Real Estate Appraisers


To regulate real estate appraisers in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and policies.


The Real Estate Appraiser Commission strives to protect the public welfare by ensuring that only qualified persons are licensed or certified and that all licensees uphold the highest appropriate professional standards of practice, independence and competency.


All Qualifying Education (QE) must be taken in a classroom. No online courses will be accepted per Rule 1255-01-.05(1)(b)1. 

All Trainee Renewals must contain twenty-eight (28) classroom hours, with seven (7) of those hours being the USPAP update course, per Rule 1255-01-.12(7)(a)(b)

Virtual Courses

This is a notice to all Tennessee Real Estate Appraisers and Course providers. Per Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs 1255-02-.04, all resident Tennessee Real Estate Appraisers are required to do half of continuing education for a renewal cycle in a classroom setting. As of now, we are unable to change this specific requirement. However, per the Appraisal Subcommittee and the Appraiser Qualifications Board, we are temporarily allowing those courses that would otherwise be taught in a classroom setting to be taught virtually, as long as they meet these requirements:

  1. The educational offering under consideration is currently approved for traditional classroom presentation;
  2. The platform utilized for distance education is live and interactive;
  3. The instructor verifies photo identification of the students; and
  4. The instructor maintains an attendance roster, which includes verifying 100% classroom attendance by, for example, taking attendance at various established times during the course.

All providers wishing to offer a virtual course, please email RealEstate.Appraisers@TN.Gov with a spreadsheet of the course name, Tennessee course number, and date of offering for each individual course you wish to teach virtually. Only those courses originally approved by Tennessee as classroom Continuing Education courses will be eligible. Also, only those courses which have been requested to us to be taught virtually prior to their date will be eligible. Please note, this has absolutely no effect on Qualifying Education. This statement only refers to Continuing Education. The running list of virtual courses can be found here.