Real Estate Appraisers


The Real Estate Appraiser Commission was created in 1990 to regulate real estate appraisers in the State of Tennessee. The current requirements for the licensure of real estate appraisers can be found in Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 62, Chapter 39.


The mission of the Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission is to protect the public health, safety and welfare through the regulation of real estate appraisers.


The initial real estate appraiser course application for education providers is now an online application.  The application will be submitted online here Access (

If you’ve never used this site before, you will first need to register an account prior to being able to access the application.

You will need to onboard your provider information prior to gaining access to the application. To onboard, you will be required to provide your provider license number, entity number, and zip code. If you do not have some or all of this data required to onboard your license, please email the board at RealEstate.Appraisers@TN.Gov and we would be happy to provide it to you.

Once your provider license is onboarded, you will search for the application (Initial Course Application) under the “Apply” section. You will be required to provide information like course info, instructor approval data, contact information, and, for qualifying education, attach the topic matrix.

Each new course will require a new application. If you have recently mailed in paper applications for new courses, please do not apply for that course online.

The Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission (“Commission”) has voted to fully accept all Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (“PAREA”) programs approved by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (“AQB”). Rules related to the incorporation of PAREA will follow in the future. Information on PAREA (including approved programs) is linked below. Those interested should contact PAREA providers directly for questions related to their specific programs. If you have completed an ABQ-approved PAREA program, please contact the Commission at for application instructions. The licensing exam will be scheduled after receipt of a completed appraiser application (including completion certificate for an AQB-approved PAREA program, qualifying education certificates, and college proof (as applicable)).  

PAREA (  (This page will be updated as programs are approved by the AQB.)