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Real Estate Appraisers


To regulate real estate appraisers in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and policies.


The Real Estate Appraiser Commission strives to protect the public welfare by ensuring that only qualified persons are licensed or certified and that all licensees uphold the highest appropriate professional standards of practice, independence and competency.


The four (4) required initial trainee application qualifying Education (QE) courses may be taken online (prerecorded). The initial trainee application courses are 15 hour USPAP, 30 hour Procedures, 30 hour Principles, and 4 hour Supervisor course.

Effective August 5, 2021, our rules will allow licensees to take all QE classes via distance education.

At least 14 hours of the required 28 hours of Continuing Education (CE) for trainee and appraiser renewals must be taken in a classroom or virtual (taught live/synchronous). Online (prerecorded/asynchronous) classes will not fulfill the classroom or virtual requirement.

Please see Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1255-01-.12 for further registered trainee requirements.

Concerning all Continuing Education 

Continuing Education (CE) and Qualifying Education (QE) Virtual courses (taught live) are approved as a physical classroom course substitute. Please refer to the approved course list (link below) for approved courses. Contact course providers for virtual course dates. Courses with Online in the course title are prerecorded and do not count towards the classroom requirement.

See below requirements for synchronous/virtual courses: 

  1. The educational offering under consideration is currently approved for traditional classroom presentation;
  2. The platform utilized for distance education is live and interactive;
  3. The instructor verifies photo identification of the students; and
  4.  The instructor maintains an attendance roster, which includes verifying 100% classroom attendance by, for example, taking attendance at various established times during the course.


As long as the course meets these four requirements of a virtual offering, and as long as the course is an approved course in Tennessee,, we will accept the course for QE or CE purposes. Please contact your course provider for virtual course dates for any coursework you need.