Electrical Licensing

Board for Licensing Contractors

Proposed Electrical Installation Rules

Electrical work is licensed at various levels in Tennessee (State and Local). The need for a state LLE license is based upon the following:

  • The total cost is less than $25,000; (amount includes materials and labor, unless supplied by the owner (cannot be supplied by the prime/general contractor). [See Rule 0680-1-.13]
  • Location of the project; check with the local government in the city and county's Local Codes Enforcement office to see if the LLE is accepted for permits and inspections, or if a local electrical journeyman/master license is required. This information has been compiled here.
    • A "Business" tax license may also be required by local government

A state Contractor's with an electrical (CE) classification (comparable to a "Master Electrician") is required to perform projects $25,000 or more. The LLE exam is not reciprocal with other states electrical license exam. The Division of Fire Prevention adopts codes and their law covers electrical installations and inspections for LLE's in some local governments.  The electrical law may be reviewed at T.C.A. 68-102-150 at:  LexisLaw Publications (see Tennessee section).