Eyelash Specialist

Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners


A person who wants to specialize in providing eyelash services only. As defined by statute, “Eyelash services" means applying and removing a semi-permanent, thread-like, natural or synthetic single fiber to an eyelash, including cleansing of the eye area and lashes prior to applying and after removing extensions.

Licensing Requirements

Be at least sixteen years of age and have completed at least two (2) years of high school or equivalency.

Education Requirements

Satisfactory proof that the applicant has completed and passed a course of instruction of no less than three hundred (300) hours in classroom instruction and practical experience, including at least eight (8) hours of theoretical instruction, and that includes instruction in the following areas:

(A) Recognizing infectious or contagious diseases of the eye and allergic reactions to materials;

(B) Proper sanitation practices;

(C) Occupational health and safety practices;

(D) Eyelash extension application procedures; and

(E) Eyelash extension isolation and separation procedures; and

Satisfactory proof that the applicant successfully completed, as part of the hours of instruction described in subdivision (f)(2), up to one (1) hour of online or in-person training, at no cost to the applicant, by a nonprofit anti-domestic violence organization recognized by the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on domestic violence that focuses on how to recognize the signs of domestic violence, how to respond to these signs, and how to refer a client to resources for victims of domestic violence.

Examination Requirements

A written and practical examination is required.

For information on application, registration, examination or fees, contact our testing vender PSI online at https://test-takers.psiexams.com/ or by phone, 800-733-9267.

Renewal Requirements

Renewal notices are mailed approximately two months prior to renewal date. Licensee required to submit renewal notice with required fee, if applicable, due by expiration date on license.

Application and Fees

To apply for an initial license please visit www.core.tn.gov. The fee for an initial application is $60.

License renewals can be done here.

The Eyelash Specialty License renewal fee is $60.00, as set forth in Rule 0440-1-.13(3) of the Tennessee Rules of Cosmetology.

The renewal form and fee must be submitted to the board office prior to the expiration date listed on the license.  If the renewal is not processed prior, there is an additional late fee of $25.00 per license.  If the late fee is due, your license is not renewed. Late fees will not be waived.

Licenses expired for more than three (3) years become invalid. In order to reinstate an invalid license, the licensee must take reinstatement exams. There are no waivers to this provision.