Board for Licensing Contractors

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To locate the sections pertaining to the following: Contractors, Home Improvement, Limited Licensed Electricians, Limited Licensed Plumbers, and Prelicensing Course Providers; enter the LexisNexis® Web site and go to Title 62, which contains the law for Professions, Businesses and Trades. Our section for the Board for Licensing Contractors is Chapter 6 (T.C.A. 62-6). Other sections pertaining to construction, but not part of the Contractors Board statute, are also provided below as a resource. (Please note, referred statutes were based upon the 2009 edition and a new code number may be assigned in current publications.)

Listed below is each Title, Chapter and Part to review the law at LexisNexis website for the Contractors' licensing statute, as well as other divisions and departments relative to contractors: Email Notifications

  • Board for Licensing Contractors (See § T.C.A. Title 62, Chapter 6)
    • Contractors (§ 62-6-101)
    • Home Improvement (§ 62-6-501)
    • Limited Licensed Electricians (§ 62-6-102)
    • Limited Licensed Plumbers (§ 62-6-401
    • Pre-licensed Course Providers (§ 62-6-138)
  • Other Divisions of Regulatory Boards
    • Alarm Systems Contractors Board (See § T.C.A. Title 62, Chapter 32)
    • Architects & Engineers Board - Design/Build Contractors - See § T.C.A. Title 62, Chapter 2
    • Electrical - Division of Fire Prevention - See § T.C.A. Title 68, Chapter 102
    • Fire Sprinkler - Division of Fire Prevention - See § T.C.A. Title 62, Chapter 32
  • Department of Labor and Workforce Development (See § T.C.A Title 50, Chapter 6)
    • Workers' Compensation Insurance(§ 50-6-320)