Other Licenses Regulated

Board for Licensing Contractors

Second/Additional Contractor's License

Contractor's who currently hold a Tennessee contractor's license and need another license, due to having one of the following: Having an additional business/subsidiary; change in ownership; merger; or reorganization, they would need to complete the new license application and follow all steps (the exams would not need to be retaken If the Qualifying Agent (QA) is a majority owner of the new entity or remains a full time employee with only one licensed entity).  The law requires completing the license application which is available at: https://core.tn.gov/

(1) Contractor applying for new license;
(2) When obtaining a second or additional license (when having more than one business entity);
(3) Reinstatement of an expired license (over 12 months, cannot renew);
(4) Change in ownership (partnership dissolved, new in-coming stockholders changing majority ownership);
(5) Reorganization of the licensed entity

If there has been no change in ownership and requesting only a name change or mode of operation change, see the "Revision" section for instructions on obtaining an amended license.

Other License Regulated

The following are other licenses issued by our office and most do not require Board approval. Issuance takes usually less than a few weeks.

Home Improvement - This license is required in the following counties:  Bradley, Davidson, Hamilton, Haywood, Knox, Marion, Robertson, Rutherford and Shelby, for remodeling projects from $3,000 to less than $25,000.  For more information, contact the Home Improvement section at at (615) 741-8307 or HIC.Renewal@tn.gov, or review information on Remodeling. (Note: An entity with a "Contractor's" license with a residential classification (BC-A) or commercial (BC or BC-B) is exempt from obtaining an additional license as a Home Improvement contractor.)

Limited Licensed Electrician (LLE) license is required in counties who do not perform their own inspections and licensing for electrical wiring projects less than $25,000.  Contact our LLE licensing section at at (615) 741-8307 or HIC.Renewal@tn.gov, or download application. (Note: An entity with a "Contractor's" license, with an electrical classification (CE or E) is exempt from obtaining an additional license as a LLE.)

Limited Licensed Plumber (LLP) license is required for projects less than $25,000 (as of January 1, 2006).  Must also obtain local permits and adhere to their licensing requirements, such as exams and fees.  Contact our LLP licensing section at 1-800-544-7693. (Note: An entity with a "Contractor's" license, with a plumbing classification (CMC or CMC-A) is exempt from obtaining an additional license as a LLP.)

HVAC - Check with your local codes office. A Limited Licensed Electrician (LLE) license is required to obtain HVAC permits for inspections performed by the Fire Marshal’s office, for jobs less than $25,000. Projects $25,000 or more must obtain a contractor's license with the CMC or CMC-C classification, as a prime or subcontractor. If operating in a county requiring a Home Improvement license, check to see if a trade specific license is also required or HVAC less than $25,000.

Pre-Licensing Contractor Exam Providers
Schools as a Pre-Licensing Contractor Exam Provider must be licensed as an approved provider by the Contractors Board, before offering prep courses online or workshops.

  • If you take any class and notice the provider is violating the law, please contact us. Violations of the law include: providing exact questions and answers from the exam; guaranteeing passing the exams, encouraging to take exams for licenses not needed or in an area not experienced (in a means to sell more books); referring you to a CPA or assist in preparing your financial statement; or if they are not listed on the approved provider list, please contact us, as they may be in violation of the law.

Applicants are not required to take an exam prep class. The contractor exams are only offered by PSI.