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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
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Tennessee State Board of Accountancy

The Tennessee State Board of Accountancy protects the public interest by ensuring that persons professing special competence in accountancy  or those offering assurance regarding financial statement presentation have demonstrated their qualifications to do so. The Board's vision is to protect the public, enhance communications with licensees
and proactively respond to the demands of today's changing world. 

License Renewal

Renewals for firms and CPA/ PA licenses expiring 12/31/2020 began on 11/2/2020.  A late fee of $100.00 was added on 1/31/2021.  Licenses not renewed by 6/30/2021 (after 6-month grace period) will be subject to reinstatement requirements.  You may verify your license status and expiration date here.

CPA/PA renewal requirements depend on license status. Please note that ALL license statuses are subject to a late fee 30 days after expiration date, even if exempt from the $110.00 renewal fee.

Have you received an error when attempting to renew?  A small number of licensees have experienced an error, which typically results from an attempt to change address information during license renewal.  This can be resolved by again selecting your license for renewal and starting a new application.  If you continue to receive an error, please contact the Board for assistance. You may enter a request to change your address information after the renewal has been submitted.

License Renews with $110.00 Renewal Fee
License Status Additional Requirements
Must attach list of CPE credits earned*
Inactive, under age 65
No CPE Required
Retired, under age 65
No CPE Required
Must attach list of CPE credits earned*
License Renews with No Renewal Fee
License Status Additional Requirements
Inactive, age 65 or older No CPE Required
Retired, age 65 or older No CPE Required
Must submit supporting documentation
Active Military
Must submit supporting documentation

 *Active/Probation/Suspended CPAs are required to upload a summary of their CPE credits with their renewal. This listing of CPE courses completed for your reporting period must include the sponsor’s name, date(s) of training, title of program, CPE subject code and CPE credit awarded.  

CPAs may use the Board’s fillable reporting form or attach a list of their choosing.  CPAs using NASBA’s CPE Audit Service to track and store CPE records may generate a CPE summary from that site to attach to the license renewal. Please note that your use of NASBA’s CPE Audit Service does not exempt you from your obligation to submit a list of CPE to the Board for review.

Firm permit renewal requirements depend on the type of services offered at the firm.  Firms offering attest services must upload their most recent peer review report and acceptance letter. Non-attest firms will affirm their understanding of, and exemption from, peer review requirements.  The firm permit renewal fee is $50.00, with a late fee of $100.00 if not renewed within 30 days of expiration.

Board-approved State Ethics course

View important information regarding the State Ethics requirement.

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