State-Specific Ethics

Tennessee State Board of Accountancy

Effective January 1, 2018, there will be only one version of the state-specific ethics course (SSE) course approved by the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy (Board) available for licensees to complete to meet the SSE requirement for renewal.  The Board has partnered with the Tennessee Society of CPAs (TSCPAs) to help ensure that the most current and accurate state-specific content is included in the course material.  

This is the only course that satisfies the state ethics renewal CPE requirement.  

Registered or Exempt CPE sponsors may apply for approval to present the state ethics course.

The sponsors below have been approved to present the Tennessee State Specific Ethics course; however, their course may not be available for purchase until after the first quarter of 2023.

Approved State Ethics Providers
Sponsor Registry Phone Contact Instructor(s) Delivery Method(s)

Beacon Hill Financial Educators, Inc

(800) 588‐7039 Website Marcy Binkley, CPA # 23184 On‐demand Instructor Led
Becker Professional Education 107294 (800) 868-3900 Website Heather K. Lutrell, CPA# 20281 Group Live;
Group Internet Based;
On-demand Instructor Led 
CCH CPELink 103021 (847) 267-2670 Website Perry Glen Moore, CPA # 8043 On-demand Instructor Led
Checkpoint Learning‐Thomson Reuters 103605
(800) 431-9025 Website Dennis F. Dycus, CPA# 6509 On‐demand Instructor Led
Kaplan Financial Education Powered by Smart Pros 103186 (866) 265-1561 Website Marcy Binkley, CPA# 23184 On-demand Instructor Led
Middle Tennessee State University
Exempt Sponsor (615) 898-2038 Email Monica Davis, CPA# 17033;
Jeannie Harrington, CPA# 7863
Group Live; Group Internet Based
Dr. Perry Glen Moore, CPA 112645 (615) 516-4233 Email Perry Moore, CPA# 8043 Group Live; Group Internet Based
MY-CPE, LLC 143597 (281) 845-7057 Website Perry Moore, CPA #8043 Group Internet Based, On Demand Instructor Led
Tennessee Society of CPAs
Exempt Sponsor (615) 377-3825 Website Douglas Warren CPA #6504;
Jennifer Weske CPA #12953;
Richard Hill CPA #7399;
Perry Moore, CPA #8043;
Michelle Freeman, CPA #14412; Jason McCarter, CPA  #21460
Group Live;
Group Internet Based;
On-demand Instructor Led;
Online Interactive Course