Continuing Education Information

Continuing Education Course Requirements:

  • A continuing education course must be approved by the state fire marshal before the registrant will be granted credit for the course.
  • In order to obtain approval to provide course instruction, the course provider shall submit to the state fire marshal materials including an outline of the course instruction, biography of the instructor, the methods and tools that will be utilized in the course, number of instruction hours provided, and the dates and times the course will be offered. A course provider seeking approval of a course pursuant to this paragraph shall submit the required documentation no later than ten (10) business days prior to the first offering of the course.

Continuing Education Course Request

Display Operator Continuing Education

Fireworks Display Operators are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education for each specialty on their license (Outdoor, Proximate, Flame) every 3 year license period.

  • The registrant shall provide verification to the state fire marshal of having obtained the continuing education credits required by § 68-104-208(d). Verification consists of a form certifying attendance at the course and the number of continuing education credits obtained at the course and signed by both the registrant and the course instructor.
  • The registrant shall submit to the state fire marshal the registrant’s verification form after completing the course and prior to his or her renewal. The registrant is responsible for ensuring timely submittal of the required verification. Documentation that shows that the registrant self-taught himself or herself without course instruction will not be accepted for continuing education credit.
  • Registrants who take more than the required continuing education for the previous renewal period will not be permitted to carry-over the credit hours into the next renewal cycle.
  • The state fire marshal may require completion of specific continuing education classes in order to renew registration.
  • Registrants will not receive credit for taking a course more than once each renewal cycle.
  • Registrants may obtain continuing education training for renewal by retaking and passing the appropriate examination for the certification desired; provided, however, that the registrant provides valid documentation of proof of taking and earning a passing score on the appropriate examination, and submits this information along with the completed renewal form and renewal fee prior to the expiration date for such certification.

Display Operator Continuing Education Claim Form