Grant Opportunities

Fire departments and local governments have grant opportunities with the federal government, state government, and other organizations. These grants can help fund projects, purchase equipment, and train personnel. This list is not exhaustive but is intended to provide helpful information in securing additional resources. 

Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)

The primary goal of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) is to meet the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and nonaffiliated emergency medical service organizations.

More information on the AFG grant, including application period details, can be found on FEMA’s AFG webpage.

AFG Program Help Desk: 1-866-274-0960 or

Assistance to Firefighters Grant: COIVD-19 Supplemental (AFG-S)

The purpose of Assistance to Firefighters Grant-Supplemental (AFG-S) is to award grants directly to fire departments, non-affiliated EMS organizations, and State Fire Training Academies to enhance their ability to
protect the health and safety of the public, as well as that of first-responder personnel through the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related essential supplies needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about the grant, visit FEMA's AFG webpage

A slide deck that explains eligible projects is also available. 

Fire Prevention and Safety Grant (FP&S)

The Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S) Grants are part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants and support projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards. 

For information on the FP&S grant, including application period details, visit FEMA's FP&S webpage.

Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grant (SAFER) 

The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER) was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations to help them increase or maintain the number of trained, "front line" firefighters available in their communities.

More information about the SAFER grant, including application period details, can be found on FEMA's SAFER webpage


Rural fire departments may be eligible for low-interest loans and grants through the United States Department of Agriculture. These include Forest Service grants, Rural Development grants, and others. For a full list of resources, visit USDA’s website.

Volunteer Firefighter Equipment and Training Grant Program

The Volunteer Firefighter Equipment and Training Grant was passed by the General Assembly in 2019 and became effective on January 1, 2020. The grant program has two components: 

  1. Reimburse the local cost share (typically 5% or 10% of the total award depending on population) of a federally awarded grant to a volunteer fire department for the purchase of firefighting equipment and training.
  2. Allows volunteer fire departments to apply directly to the State Fire Marshal's Office (SFMO) for firefighting equipment.

The program was expanded to $10 million for fiscal year 2023-2024 to assist volunteer firefighters.

To be eligible for the Volunteer Firefighter Equipment and Training Grant Program, departments must hold a valid recognition certificate from the SFMO and have a staff comprised by less than 51% full-time career firefighters.


Grant Information

Selection Committee

  • Selection Committee scheduled for January 2024.

Award Recipients

Rescue Squad Grant Program

The Rescue Squad Grant Program was funded by Governor Lee and the General Assembly in 2022 for the purchase of lifesaving equipment by Tennessee rescue squads. Grant proceeds may be utilized to purchase equipment used by rescue squads for incident response and protect the lives of squad members. The allocation of $2 million represents the first year of the program which will support rescue squads and the communities they protect. Applications received during the submission period will be scored internally and submitted to a seven-member committee who will oversee the award selection. The committee is composed of six members from the Tennessee Rescue Squad Association, and TDCI’s Assistant Commissioner of Fire Prevention. Applications will open on Monday, Jan. 9, 2023, and will be accepted until Friday, Feb. 10, 2023 at 2:00pm CT.


Department of Agriculture Volunteer Fire Assistance Program

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture administers the Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) program. Fire departments serving a population of 10,000 or less are eligible to apply. More information on the Department of Agriculture Volunteer Fire Assistance Program can be found on

For help with the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program grants, contact

The grants in this section are offered through the following organizations. Please contact them directly for details regarding the programs and requirements.

State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grants

State Farm provides grants to a variety of fire service entities. Grants include safety, community development, and education. More information on State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grants can be found here.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation has grants for lifesaving equipment, prevention education, scholarships and continuing education. More information can be found on the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program

FM Global offers support to organizations working to combat fire. Eligible organizations can apply for funding to support fire prevention, preparedness and control efforts, fire prevention education/training, and arson prevention/fire investigation. More information on FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program can be found here.