About Us

The Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education Commission is responsible for the certification of volunteer and paid firefighters in the State of Tennessee. The Commission also administers the Educational Incentive Pay Program for paid fire fighters in Tennessee.  The Commission is responsible for approving training programs to meet the requirements of T.C.A. 4-24-112 (the Minimum Training Statute) and proof of compliance with this Statute must be submitted to the Commission.

The Commission is comprised of nine members appointed by the Governor. Each member's appointment is for a six year term. The Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance and the Director of the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Academy serves as ex officio nonvoting members of the Commission.


The Commission will endeavor to raise the standards of firefighting personnel who engage in its certification and training programs by enabling Tennessee firefighters to be better prepared through training courses facilitating the skills and knowledge necessary to save lives and property, and to vigorously promote firefighter safety, efficiency, decorum, and ethical considerations throughout the certification process.