Emergency Communication Tips

Tennessee Emergency Communications Board

Did You Know?

  • In Tennessee, each 911 telecommunicator is required to undergo over eighty hours of class room and one-on-one training.
  • The Tennessee Emergency Communications Board and NENA, (National Emergency Number Association) have jointly launched the Center Manager Certification Program. This intense, hands-on training equips 911 professionals with the tools to provide the most effective management of Tennessee’s 911 call centers. 

You can learn more about our initiatives and mission by clicking on the video below. 

Did You Know?

  • Tennessee is a national leader in emergency communications and is currently leading the way in Next Generation 911 technology.
  • Next Generation 911 is a new and state of the art system that is more reliable and robust than traditional 911 and provides for more accurate location of 911 callers. This new technology helps emergency responders locate the caller faster when facing a life threatening emergency. 

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