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Benton County Stories

Israel of Benton


I started off taking opiates for the euphoria they gave me. I was never prescribed opiates, but I could find them everywhere. In a very short time I was addicted to them. I felt I needed opiates to go to bed and get out of bed, go to work or the store, spend time with family or even eat. I needed opiates to live. The problem became so bad that once opiates entered my body the guilt and shame came out my pores. I became a criminal, deadbeat father, homeless, hopeless and emotionally numb. I had discovered I was powerless and my life was unmanageable. I made a decision to go to drug rehab for much needed help breaking this ruthless cycle.

I now have over 12 years sobriety and freedom from the bondage of opiates. I have full custody of my children, my family trusts me again, and I am a productive member of society. I work as a treatment director at a drug rehab facility. I am a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor. My life work is dedicated to helping others break the chains of addiction. WE DO RECOVER!