About TN Together

Each day in Tennessee, at least three people die from an opioid-related overdose, which is more than the number of daily traffic fatalities. Since 1999, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths nationwide, including prescription opioids and heroin, has quadrupled. Tennessee is no exception to this epidemic. While progress is being made through the state’s Prescription for Success and Prescription Safety Act, Tennessee remains in the top 15 of all states in drug overdose deaths, and each year, more opioid prescriptions are written than there are people living in Tennessee, with more than 1 million prescriptions left over. This epidemic does not discriminate and knows no boundaries. It devastates families from all walks of life and harms communities across Tennessee. Together, we can and must do better. 

TN Together is a multi-faceted plan, comprised of legislation, more than $30 million (state and federal funds) through Governor Haslam’s 2018-19 budget and other executive actions to attack the state’s opioid epidemic through three major components: 1) Prevention, 2) Treatment and 3) Law Enforcement.

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Charts and data related to Tennessee’s opioid crisis

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Press release on the TN Together bill signing