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Tennessee State Trooper Rescues Missing Shelby County Elderly Woman in Haywood County

Wednesday, July 03, 2013 | 11:06am

NASHVILLE --- A Tennessee state trooper rescued an elderly woman who had been reported missing from her home in Shelby County after she had driven her car off a roadway in Haywood County.

Trooper Grant Montgomery, an Interdiction Plus trooper, was on his way home from duty after patrolling in the Brownsville area.  At approximately 9:55 p.m. Tuesday he discovered Maggie McDoe, 81, inside her Toyota Camry on State Route 76 near the Haywood Park Industrial Complex.  Mrs. McDoe was unsuccessfully attempting to return to the roadway due to the steep embankment. Trooper Montgomery observed the tires on the Camry spinning out and creating plumes of smoke. He activated his blue lights and got out of his vehicle to assist.

Trooper Montgomery approached the vehicle and noticed that McDoe appeared to be confused. After speaking with McDoe, Trooper Montgomery determined she was unsure of her location and how she arrived there. Trooper Montgomery called THP dispatch and requested EMS to the scene.  Trooper Montgomery gathered more information and contacted McDoe’s daughter, who informed the trooper she had reported her mother missing to the Memphis Police Department earlier that morning. Emergency personnel transported McDoe as a precaution to Haywood Park Hospital.  Trooper Montgomery was able to move the woman’s vehicle and secured it in a parking lot adjacent to the scene.

THP dispatch notified the Memphis police that the missing woman had been located and was safe.

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